duminică, 24 martie 2013


When you feel down, when you just can't get yourself back in business, then you should also remember that you are here, in the middle of this planet, and this planet is yours, why? Because you can have it.
I'm suffering, I'm feelin' it from my bottom to the last piece of my top so I'll simply choose to get over it, why? The best decisions are taken for you by someone you'll really love at one moment. There is no color in my life now, just a big white wall and the black shadows of mu tears spreaded all over the place...and, somehow, I watched carefully for those little drops which falled from my fists and they were unable to keep me calm, to keep me safe, to secure me from myself. 
Even I will not sleep, I will simply choose to keep my heart in a good condition, because I am strong and I will always be prepared for worst, because I will never know when it may come. 
I prefer respect, instead of yelling, I also choose the hardest way to maintain my spirit clean, even if I'm dying inside, you'll never understand why, whoever you are or will be.
It hurts the most when you fill you give too much, when you think is way too good to be ruined, when you simply choose to fight for, instead of not even give a f*** about it. 
That's who I am now, because it hurts, but I will be a complet new person tomorrow, because that's life: we must fight to get the best from the rest spreaded all over us.