marți, 11 februarie 2014

Lovable desire of a lady who simply loves. ( pure imagination ).

Let”s roll!

Scenario: A girl and a boy. Awesome love story until one point. Many quotes, quotations, love songs, everything rather to be impossible for everyone else. They stop, with no reason, they simply stop from being.

The boy: 

I told you last week how much I’ve missed you, how much I think about you every day, every damn second. When I held her in my arms I know she is protected, I could protect her like nobody else. No one could ever achieve that. And I don’t know if there will be another one to make her feel that way. And I believe this. In the book I wrote for her, there’s all my heart, all my love, every single feeling I have for her, it’s all in those lines. (I hope she read them all, because it meant a lot to me.)
And there she were, holding her again like nothing ever happened, like all the pain was gone. And believe me please, that moment will live on FOREVER. Because it was the second time I really felt ALIVE.

The girl:

You held me strong and whisper:
-          Are you sure?
            My heart went crazy. I could feel it ripping off my skin, tearing me apart. My hands were shaking.

-          Yes, I need it!

And when you kissed me I felt like the world stopped. The earth stood still when I touched your lips once again, after that much time. For me, it was perfect! You left me with another memory that will never leave my heart and mind. I was finally happy, knowing that there’s hope. If not for our love relationship, but at least for our long-lasting friendship. And I believed you when you promised me you would never let that much time and not seeing each other. I believed! Once again, I believe every single word you told me.

The boy:

My love, my outstanding love, trust me, I”m changed, I am completely new, I need you, I want you and their will only be you for me, because we were ment to be together, as the whole universe came to plain reality of what our love can realy give. The bad boy is far away gone, I can not cheat on you, I can not lie to you, I simply need you, my endless hapiness.

The girl stood still for a few moments: 

Darling, I need you, I need you more than ever. Even if those days were completely black for us, I am here to help you, to help us, to get us were we belong, to our endless love story. We are both a huge succes as individuals, but think at what we can do together, my angel. I miss your lips, your perfume on my clothes and scarves, I need to see you in every morning. Even if I am completely stupid when I am angry, I need you to know that, mostly, I do not realize what I am saying, excuse me, precious.

The boy, with tears on his eyes:

My love, you know I love you most, you are my one and only. I knew I love you most when I first see your tears crashing on earth, I thought I am a complete idiot, just for giving you reasons to have them, but love, I knew it, you were the first and you will be the last for me, and here I am talking about love, cause you are my unique love, my one and only.

The girl:

I need a man. A real man. A gentleman. A man who can be my best friend and my lover. I need an honest man. “Honesty, Loyalty and Love” – that’s what I want. All I ask you. I don’t like being lied. You know it very well. Was that right? It felt good knowing that I love you and I cry for you every night before I go to sleep? Did it felt good knowing that I wear your perfume every day, that I listen to your voice recorded on my phone whenever I miss you?

The boy:

You know I am here for you, I always were. You know I want to help you, but ask me for, you know I need to be with you, only ask me when you want me. I need you to understand me, I am powerful, but without you, I am nothing, don”t cry my precious, don”t ever try to cry again, we must live in our love story and there we are perfect, only when we love equal eachother.I don’t lie, so I will repet you this: I love you. I always have, I always will. I will never stop. Because this, what I feel, it’s true love. Unconditional love. You can be sure that you will never lose my love. The day I’m gonna stop loving you will never come. Believe that with all your heart. Because it’s the only thing you can be absolutely sure about. My love.

The girl:

I never thought I could say this, but… I love you like crazy, still, I can be with you. At least for now. That’s the person I felt in love with. I felt in love with a butterfly, not with a caterpillar. I tried to make you better, to make you the perfect version of a real man. Please, return to being a butterfly, but don’t fly away that high, because the thunders of your ego will hurt you in a way that I will never have the power to cure.
I made a promise, some time ago. I don’t know if you remember. But be sure that when I will fulfill it, I will have you always. Just for me. Always and forever. 

And this is my happy ending story.